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5 Fun Camp Activities for Children​

Posted on 08-25-2017

Summer camps are just as popular today as they were back in the '80s. They're not only fun but educational too.

Children can play, make friends, and develop lifelong skills. They also learn to take responsibility and work together as a team. Camp activities satisfy their need for exercise and promote healthy living.

The average American child spends less than seven minutes a day playing outside. The time spent online or watching TV is over 7.5 hours per day. Considering these facts, it's no wonder why childhood obesity rates are on the rise.

Camps allow children to reconnect with nature and engage in physical activity. It's also a great way to relax and feel in control of their lives.

As a camper, it's your responsibility to find exciting, new activities for children. After all, you want to make your guests feel welcomed and teach them valuable skills.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of summer camp activities that kids will love:

Plan an Outdoor Adventure

Most camps are located in secluded places of stunning natural beauty. This gives children an opportunity to explore the environment and get active.

Camp hosts can plan fun outdoor adventures, such as hiding various items in a park and telling kids to find them. You can also launch a squirt gun painting session to keep children engaged. There's no better way to bust summer boredom!

Another fun way to entertain kids is to go on a bird watch. Tell children about the local flora and fauna while exploring the surroundings. Ask them to bring a pencil and paper to make observations about the things they see.

Make an Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are fun for all ages! All you need are a few basic items that you might already have at hand.

For instance, you can ask children to crawl under a tightrope, step through rings, or jump over hurdles.

Give them a list of questions and write the answers on sticky notes. Hide the notes in odd places, such as behind tree leaves or underneath a bench.

Go Hiking

During a hiking trip, children will discover colorful landscapes and learn survival skills. It's also a good way to get their bodies moving and using their senses. Kids will be able to see, hear, and feel things they're unfamiliar with, such as birds flying past their heads.

Hiking helps introduce children to outdoor playtime. It also improves their health, leading to stronger bones and better sleep.

Children will have a chance to explore nature reserves, wild forests, and waterfalls. Even those addicted to technology will enjoy this experience.

Emphasize Social Activities

Summer camps are perfect for social activities, such as board games and campfires.

Depending on the camp location, you can take kids on a boat trip or launch a rope course with zip-lines and Tarzan swings.

If you're running a small camp, choose simple activities that require little place. These may include card games, talent shows, or photography classes.

Play Games

Everyone loves to play! From nature games to sports-themed games and water games, your options are endless.

To get kids moving, go for high-activity games, such as the Air Raid or Burst the Balloon. Nature games like “You Can't See Me” and the “Silly Symphony” are a great choice too.

For large groups, suggest games that will get everyone focused. The “Balloon Battle”, “Candyman”, and “Belt Loop Ball” are perfect for kids and teens alike.

How to Pick the Best Camp Activities

Choosing the best camp activities depends on your location and campers' age group. A rock climbing course is more suitable for teens. Small children, on the other hand, will love Frisbee golf or mud painting.

Keep the camp activities varied. Remember that kids get bored easily. Choose games that balance learning and fun.

Use a mix of arts and crafts, outdoor sports, and competitions. Propose different ball sports, such as table tennis and volleyball.

Just think about your favorite camp activities as a child. Use them for inspiration and come up with new ideas. Leave a comment below to share your experience!

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