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Daycare Encourages Parents to Get Their Kids In the Garden

Posted on 06-11-2016

The mere thought of gardening can evoke thoughts of euphoria for some, and absolute horror for others. It’s true, not everyone enjoys planting flowers, pulling weeds or harvesting their own veggies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t invaluable opportunities for quality time with the kiddos. And that’s not even taking the learning prospects into account. Still not convinced? Here at Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Circa / Fishhawk, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage your children in learning activities, with fun as a by-product. Our After School care program incorporates different play and learning zones such as,

  • The Homework Help Club
  • The Discovery Zone where kids explore aspects of earth science and learn how they can make a difference for future generations
  • The Nova Zone where they explore areas of artistic expression that appeal to them
  • The Open-Air Zone which provides trivia and board games, as well as group activities to provide a challenge with an added twist of fun
  • The Construction Zone which offers hobby exploration to include cooking, baking, crafts and more, and
  • The Media Center where kids have access to the newest and most advanced educational games around.

We have found that exposing children to the learning experiences in the world around them stimulates their interest and development in ways that go beyond what can be read in a book or on a screen. To offer some out-of-the-box ideas and how they can be a learning benefit, we’ve put together a list to get your gardening ideas growing.

Re-grow food from scraps – Teaching kids about limiting waste and saving money are solid principles, but they are difficult for younger children to grasp without the means of practical application. This project solves that problem. Now, you may not be willing to step over to the “green side” of growing your own food, but there are some super simple ways to get your children interested in being responsible “consumers” while watching their fascination grow with the lemon tree. This website offers 30 different things you can grow from scraps. Super cool!

Garden Marker Craft – Maybe you already have a garden, but have been wondering about how to pique your child’s interest. If she isn’t instantly excited about digging in the dirt, perhaps she will get excited about decorating some garden markers. There are several ideas available, but this wooden spoon project and this painted rock marker project are simple starters. Once she has a “stake” in the garden, she will be more likely to visit often and the natural wonder of watching things flower and grow is more likely to catch her interest.

Composting with Worms (Worm Farm) – Talk about a little boy’s dream! Fun with worms, digging in the dirt and using kitchen scraps to make it all work. And a “hidden” learning experience about how things work together to fertilize soil, grow food and circle back to feed the worms. Go here to see what to do.

At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Circa / Fishhawk, we are passionate about kids and helping them learn and grow. If you would like more information about any of our programs, Daycare, Preschool, V-PK, Before or After School Care, please contact one of our enrollment specialists to schedule a tour.

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