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Daycare Shares Some Ideas to Keep Your Preschooler’s Mind Occupied on Sick Days

Posted on 10-15-2016 | Ben Fernandes


It’s bound to happen. With school back in session and germs floating around everywhere, the kiddos eventually come home with a cold or flu bug. Sometimes, it only lasts 24 hours, but when the sickness sticks around for more than a day or two, the walls start to close in a little. At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Circa/Fishhawk, we agree that there are some times when staying home is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean boredom has to win. We’ve put together a few fun ideas to keep little minds occupied when they are too sick to go to school, but feeling well enough to venture out from under the covers. Before the bugs strike, you could spend a weekend pulling together a few of the “ingredients” to ready these projects for inevitable sick days. That way, if an illness takes you by surprise, you are prepared for the challenge with the groundwork in place.

  • Preschool Busy Bags
  • With a Numbers Flip Book, Counting Trays, Number Wheel, Animal Counting Cards, Color Junk Sort, Pom Pom Pattern Sorting and more, this activity will keep your Preschooler’s mind occupied while also allowing them to enjoy the benefits of learning, all from the comfort of the living room sofa and coffee table. Here is a link with all of the info to make your own.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunts
  • How many times do the kiddos ask to play outside, even when they aren’t feeling like themselves? Well, with this idea, they can do a little exploring indoors without the drawbacks of overheating or getting dirty before they have to lie down for another rest. This link offers up 10 different scavenger hunts sure to keep them busy. Use one of these or make your own, but either way, your kids will find the fun!
  • Eucalyptus Play
  • If your little ones are stuffy from a cold, these activities have an added bonus of clearing their sinuses and soothing them. Here are seven different options to add some healing power to their play.
  • Camp Out in the Living Room
  • Even in broad daylight, there is something magical about hanging out in a tent in the living room. Even if it’s a tent made from pillows and blankets, it is sure to spread smiles all around. And whether you decide to use the newfound hiding place to enjoy a movie or just spark imagination, the change of venue will be refreshing. And just in case you need some added fun, here is a list of the best books to read by flashlight.

We hope that you and your little ones won’t have too many days when you feel less than fantastic, but if you do, these ideas should help to ease the pain.

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