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Make Learning Fun

Posted on 01-31-2017 | Ben Fernandes

Make Learning Fun

Most children of preschool age don’t have incredibly long attention spans. They aren’t going to sit for lessons the same way older children will, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be learning. When you’re at home, here are a few learning games for preschool children that will get them engaged!

1. Online Tools. First, it is worth pointing out that there are many, many online Websites, and tools with games for preschool-aged children. They range from games branded with popular cartoon characters from most of the major networks, to independent sites offering a variety of games to try. Not to mention the apps and games available to download to your mobile phone or tablet. If your child likes mobile games, it is worth it to have a few of these on hand. It is a good way to balance screen time with learning time, and they won’t even realize they are learning when they are having fun.

2. Run Around the Numbers. If you have some chalk and it’s a nice day outside, head out and draw numbers on the ground, spaced far enough apart to allow kids to get some exercise in. Next, have your kids get ready to run — call out a random number, and everyone playing has to run to that number on the ground. If you have more than one child playing, the first one to reach the number each round “wins.” This is a great way to build recognition of number shapes, as well as get them outside getting fresh air and exercise!

3. Phonetics Scavenger Hunt. Choose letters that your child already knows the sound of, say C. Call out the letter, and then have them find all the objects in the room that start with that letter, calling them out as they find them – Cat! Clothes! Carpet! They will learn to associate the sounds of the letter with the sound in a word.

4. Higher or Lower. This game can be played anywhere, even in a car! All you need is a pack of playing cards. Shuffle the deck, and flip over the cards one at a time. Have your child identify whether that card is higher or lower than the last one. This is a great way to build number recognition, and build an understanding of how those numbers all relate to each other.

5. Sorting Game. Gather up some old ice cube trays, and a variety of colored beads, buttons, coins, marbles, or other small items (make sure your child is old enough to know not to swallow them!) Have them sort the objects in different ways — put all the colors together in their own compartment, for example, or put one of each object in each tray. The possibilities are endless, and they teach a range of skills, from counting, to colors, to math, to the fine motor skills needed to sort through and put each object in its place.

6. Tightrope Walking. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you put your children up on the wire! Rather, use a wide, colorful piece of masking or duct tape and put it on the ground. Have your kids walk the line, making up games like “the ground is lava” to encourage them to try and stay on the line. It will help teach coordination and spatial awareness.

7. Snack Hunt. Want to mix a scavenger hunt in with healthy eating? Put some favorite snacks in Tupperware containers and hide them around your house. Then, make up a series of clues and directions for your children to follow to find them — and they get to eat anything they find! It helps teach problem solving and directional skills, while reinforcing the idea that healthy snacks are a treat to be won.

And these are just a few of the fun games that your children won’t even realize they are learning from. Just because they aren’t sitting in a classroom or studying from a book doesn’t mean they can’t be developing new skills and reinforcing the ones they’ve already picked up, all while having fun with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, or anyone else who wants to get in a play time with them. Share in the comments what your favorite learning games are — what games did your children gravitate toward, and how did that impact their mental growth?

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