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Preschool Shares Holiday Themed Activities

Posted on 11-26-2016 | Ben Fernandes

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With the holiday season officially underway, it can be overwhelming for parents with young children, especially those who are Pre-Kindergarten. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy, with locations in Valrico and Circa/Fishhawk, we want to help you find ways to connect with your toddler, and help them get into the spirit of the season, without getting lost in it. We put together a few fun activities you can do together.

Celebrate the Seasons. If you want to help your children learn more about the seasons themselves, including how the weather changes, what that means and how it impacts them — and not just the holidays they include — one fun activity to work on year-round is a Change Seasons Scrapbook. Encourage your Pre-K kids to go outside and collect items like flowers, leaves, branches and other natural materials. Then have them draw a picture that exemplifies that season — snow for winter, trees for fall, flowers for spring, etc. — and then help them find ways to incorporate their found materials into the picture.

Create a Harvest. Everyone knows about Thanksgiving turkeys made with handprints, but they aren’t the only activities your toddler can do around the holiday. In addition to your turkey, why not create a harvest feast to go along with it? Help them cut out the shapes of corn, pumpkins or other fall vegetables, and then let them glue buttons, beads or even kernels of real corn to create a collage that celebrates all of the bounty we are thankful for, not just the meat.

All About Color. If you have been to a hardware store in recent years, you have likely seen the giant wall of paint chips that feature every color and shade imaginable. Next time you’re in your local store, pick up as many as you can find that show the colors found in nature — greens, reds, yellows, oranges, etc. Then take your kids outside and encourage them to “color match” finding objects in the natural world that match the color of a paint chip. This can be a fun activity to get them outside and enjoying nature, as well as helping teach them how to recognize not just different colors, but different shades of the same color.

Organizing and Counting. The adults will likely be doing at least some baking or cooking this holiday season, and that is a perfect time to help your Pre-K toddler start to learn more about organization. Have them help you pull out all the ingredients for a recipe, and then count each one to make sure you have what you need. Have them help you organize everything so it is ready to go when you start cooking. As an added benefit, most kids like to help around the kitchen, and by allowing them to begin to be involved, even when they might still be too young to do any actual cooking, you are fostering a great spirit of curiosity and a sense of doing things together.

These are just a few activities you can incorporate into your toddler’s routine to help them celebrate the fall, and all the holidays that it brings.

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