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Putting the Spring into Your Step

Posted on 02-28-2017 | Ben Fernandes

Putting the Spring into Your Step

Winter is finally starting to loosen its grip, and Spring is upon us! And that means that Spring Break is coming, and that leaves working parents trying to figure out what to do with the kids on that week off from school.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy is here to help! Here is a list of ideas for things to do with the kids this year — and things we’ll be doing at our two locations in Valrico and Circa Fishhawk, if you are looking for somewhere to send them!

● Gardening. With spring comes new growth, and this is a great time to get kids interested in plants and the Earth. Instead of starting from seeds, since they only have a week off, a better route is to plant already-sprouted plants that they can step back and see the fruits of their labor when they’re done. Choose plants like herbs or vegetables is a great option, since not only will they get to see their plants grow, they will get to eat and enjoy it as well!

● Old-Fashioned Games. Do you remember playing Red Rover? Or potato sack races? Hide-and-seek? Kick-the-can? These types of games get kids outside and playing, and that’s always a good thing. This year, introduce your kids to some of your old favorites!

● Field Trips. While they are out of school, Spring Break is a great time to go experience some of the activities that Tampa has to offer. The Lowery Park Zoo, MOSI, and the Glazer Children’s Museum are just a few options.

● Scavenger Hunts. Kids always enjoy looking for treasure, so take this opportunity to start a scavenger hunt! It can be as simple as hiding treats around your house and then leaving clues for them to find them, or as elaborate as putting together a list of things to find and then going out into the city to find them.

● Sports. Living in Florida, it’s swimming season all year round, but this time of year there are a lot of programs starting up to get involved in. Things like Little League Baseball, soccer, soft ball, basketball and more – find out what your children are interested in, and then find one of the great programs close by to get them started.

● Day Camps. There are day camps for nearly every hobby and interest your kids might have, from drama, to crafts, to sports, and more. This Spring Break, find the programs that speak to your child’s interests, and give them the opportunity to get involved with other kids who share the same passions.

These are just a few of the ideas you can incorporate into your Spring Break this year. Or call us today and find out about the Spring Break programs we’ll be offering this year. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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