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Thank You MS. KARA!
Our son Eric who is 21 months old has been enrolled at Kids R Kids since the age of 3 months. We've always had a wonderful experience with KRK and feel it's important to use this mechanism to share feedback. I can't say enough about how much we have grown to appreciate Ms. Kara. Ms. Kara has been so patient and understanding with our son Eric. We have always been able to tell that she loves him and she's genuinely happy to see him in the mornings. In the Spring she took it upon herself to have a butterfly growing project for the kids. Eric and the other kids were so excited to show us the progress each day and on the day the butterflies were released KRK posted the cutest photos on Facebook of her project coming to an end. Kara does an amazing job of thinking of interesting things for her classroom. She's 100% engaged with the kids. She is the sweetest person. We can't say enough great things about her. Without a doubt she takes her job as a teacher and caregiver very seriously. We just love and appreciate her so much. THANK YOU
Charles Warren
Top Notch Center for Infants/Toddlers - Valrico / Lithia
My son Joshua who is now 19 months old has attended Kids R Kids since he was 4 months old. Even though we were referred to Kids R Kids by a close coworker and our visit to the center was great we didn't know what to expect as new parents. My wife and I are really pleased with Kids R Kids Valrico and still believe after 15 months it's been a great choice. We even bought a house in Riverhills to be close to Kids R Kids. Ms. Greta, the Director is great. Ms. Kim who teaches the infant class is really experienced, knowledgeable and takes her job seriously as a career. The transitions from room to room are gradual and we feel that we've been well informed along the way. Joshua loves going to Kids R Kids every day. in fact on weekends he seems to miss it. Joshua also loves Ms. Erica. Most important the lead teachers in each room our son has attended seem to truly care about our son. There hasn't been a time or an instant or a situation which forced us to evaluate our decision. We even have a second son who is 4 weeks old and we have no hesitation about him attending here. We appreciate Kids R Kids Valrico and we hope this testimonial helps another parent who may be wondering about how this learning center can help their child.
Charlie Warren
Awesome School
Over the past 7 years I have had 3 children go thru Kids R Kids in Valrico. Ms. Kim has cared for all our babies in the infant room. That s how long she is there. Also, their 1 and 2 year old classrooms are excellent. When my kids went to the pre-k program, they were more than ready for kindergarten. My kids went off to Bevis which is the top rated A school in Lithia. All my 3 KG teachers were so impressed with their knowledge and commented that most children coming from Kids R Kids come in at a higher level. I recently recommended KRK to a friend who commented about the bad review on yahoo. I have to tell you the review is totally not what happens at Kids R Kids. Roaches? Not true. It s the only preschool that I came across that has a nightly cleaning service contract. I typically pick up my kids at 6:25 and the cleaning staff are outside waiting for the building to empty. My kids still attend and the owners Ben and Keith are awesome. Stacy the Director is also so accommodating, caring and has a true passion for the families. Good job guys.... Keep up the good work. - See more at: http://pk.greatschools.org/florida/valrico/preschools/Valrico-Kids-R-Kids-8/12308/#sthash.gcl1aNb3.dpuf
Great Curriculum !
We have two kids. Both have been going through the Kids R Kids system at various stages of their development, from the 18-month old room up to after-school care for elementary school. Our kids attend the KRK facility at Circa Fishhawk. Before we sent our kids to KRK we investigated La Petite, Kindercare, Circle M, and others. None "felt right" to me or my wife. KRK felt right for us. We liked the fact that they provided meals, the structured curriculum, and the camera system. At the KRK Circa location our kids have been in most of the rooms except the two youngest rooms. We have come to know most of the teachers pretty well. We have become friends with some of the teachers and many of the parents. We have been involved in the parents group. It was evident to us that they cared deeply about the kids. They regularly hugged the kids and gave them appropriate physical contact. The wide variety of teachers - young and old, black and white, lots of different levels of experience - works well. Perhaps the most telling result was the outcome - my daughter whose entire pre-K curriculum was at KRK Circa - was very well prepared for kindergarten. We received a variety of positive feedback from her kindergarten teacher praising her pre-K education. My son who is currently in pre-K is proceeding on the same track in terms of his development. Things that are important to us - a loving environment, a structured curriculum, and a tight community. All of these things are present at the KRK Circa.
John T
Great School
We have been with Kids R Kids for almost 7 years. I have all three of my children there. With a degree in Child Development I knew exactly what I was looking for in a child care center. I knew which accreditations a center needed, I knew what to look for. I visited every school in the area. As soon as I stepped foot in KRK I knew I had found the place. I wouldn't trust my children with anyone else. The owners and director are highly involved with each family. They are some of the most caring, compassionate and giving people I have ever known. They have helped and supporter our family in a way most never would. The teachers love my children and are very invested in their care. There is an open door policy with the director and she is will go above and beyond to help or solve any situation that arises. I can't imagine leaving my children with anyone else
Melanie B
TOP facility in our area
We have been at Kids r Kids since they opened due to our older daughter attending Stowers, and the convenience of Kids r Kids to that for after school care. We have gotten to know Ben and Keith along with Cara and Desere very well over the last 4-5 years, and I have to say this is one of the TOP daycares in the area. We have had previous experience at other day cares with our older daughter, and although we can only say good things about the previous caregivers, the facilities and curriculum were nowhere near comparable to Kids r Kids. I am a professional, and my wife works as well, so quality day care is critical to our everyday life...and knowing the quality of staff hired at Kids is a great benefit to ease our mind. The combination of quality professional staff, GOOD FOOD, and the ongoing curriculum provided (not to mention the extra-curricular sports, dancing, tae-kwon-do) has certainly set the bar very high as far as day-cares go. I would recommend you check them out if you are looking for a daycare provider...we visited all the ones in the area and could not be happier selecting Kids r Kids.
Bryan D
It`s so great to see happy kids
We all have our days. Sometimes the kids don`t want to go to school. Sometimes they`d rather stay home and watch TV. When we finally get them to school however, it`s a different story. They`re happy to be there. By the time we get into the parking lot they`re clapping and singing and asking for their friends. Really. I don`t know exactly what happens during the day there, but my kids are happy to be there, and that makes me feel a whole lot better about dropping them off.
The Tesmer Family - FL
My twin 22mth old boys just started last week at KidsrKids. Besides the wonderful staff and extremely clean school, I am amazed to see my boys learn 2 new words and sign "more." One of our boys has a speech delay and learning 2 new words was a shocker for us. Even his speech therapist was happy to hear that from him. Thank you to an amazing staff.
J. Symon - FL
We miss you all !
I moved to Tampa 5 years ago and found Kids R Kids in Valrico. I had my newborn in Suite 100. He travelled the entire school and graduated Pre K in 2010. He is now in Kindergarten and is exceling due to the love and education he received. My younger child also attended Suite 100 and unfortunately only made it to Suite 300 (2 1/2 yrs) before we had to move out of state. We moved to Virginia six months ago and have not been able to find a location as loving, caring and educationally driven. The Director`s and owners were always at the front with a smile and a kind word. I miss you guys. Wish you could open up here.
Jo Hill - VA
We love this school!
Before we moved to Lithia, my son was in the KRK in Richmond, TX. He`s been in daycare since 2 yrs old. We had done research on the schools in our area in Houston, and when we visited KRK, we knew that it is the school that we wanted to enroll him in. So when we knew we were going to be moving to Tampa, I was glad that we found a KRK close to where we live now in FishHawk. The good thing about KRK is that they have many locations and they look structurally similar for an easier transition. I immediately called to inquire, and Ben and Keith helped me through all the application needs and ensured me there would be a spot for my son when we arrived. Stacey and Cara are great directors, and one of the things that really stood out for me is that they take the time to know and help you. They knew my name and my kids` names within a week! My daughter is also there now while my son is now in their VPK program. I like how their classrooms are much bigger than other schools, and they also have a cafeteria where the kids` eat as opposed to eating in the classroom....plus a library where we could check books out!
Valentina Wu - FL
What a Wonderful Experience
Our daughter started at Kids`R`Kids in September of last year as a part-time student.It was our first experience of daycare/preschool, and I was extremely nervous about everything, I must have called the school with questions at least 10 times the day before she started, I was the typical neurotic first-time parent. Each time I called , and each time I`ve called or stopped by since she started, I`ve only ever been met with wonderful professionalism and caring from Stacey, Cara and Keith. We are now 9 months into schooling, and Olivia is going full time and having a ball. I love her teachers almost as much as she does, they always have and extra minute to chat with me about how she`s doing,and I have watched my shy, little girl turn into a confident well-adjusted preschooler, who loves going to school. Not only is the curriculum superb, but the center itself is really outstanding, with a bright, cheerful "openness" about it that allows the parent to observe their child at all times, without being intrusive to the class or teaching staff. At the parent teacher conference, any concerns about Olivia`s development were addressed in a positive and structured way, and presented to us with advice on how both we and the school could help her get to where she needed to be. It`s been a wonderful experience so far, thank you so much Kids`RKids! We`re looking forward to enrolling our younger daughter with you next year. Helen and Tony Frissore
H.Frissore - FL
So Appreciative
We have tried several different after-school programs in the Valrico/Brandon area for my youngest son. He has taken to the staff and other children at KRK in Valrico better that at any other program we have involved him with. The staff has worked with him and helped him to develop better interpersonal skills. I believe one of the greatest advantages of taking Andrew to KRK in Valrico is that his is actually allowed to be himself...a kid! Kudos to the staff and owners at KRK of Valrico and thank you for what you have done with my son. You have my vote as the best program in the the Valrico/Brandon area.
Absolutely Wonderful!
I wanted to share my experience with Kids R Kids since I started back in January. I know it has been only a few months but in just those few months, I have had such a wonderful experience not only with my daughter’s teachers, but with the front desk staff and owners. From the first day that I toured the facility, I was treated with such professionalism. I remember touring KRK and immediately fell in love with the facility because of the many security features as well as the cleanliness that I saw. The facility has been so well maintained that to me, it looked brand new! I appreciate how well documented they are with the events throughout the day. My daughter is 5 months old and is in the infant room. I have had interactions with two main teachers in the room: Miss Kim & Miss Lisa. I absolutely LOVE them. They are great. It is such a great feeling knowing that your child will be well taken care of and that I don’t have to worry because I know she is safe and will be comforted and given the individual attention that she deserves and needs as a baby. As I stated earlier, she started attending back in January and attended until the end of February. It was at that time that I decided to switch her to a different facility because KRK was further from where we lived and we had anticipated moving in the area where KRK is currently located but unfortunately we decided to build a house in Riverview. She attended the new facility and I hated it! I was so spoiled by KRK and didn’t even realize it. I pulled my daughter out and returned to KRK and the staff was again great and understanding of our situation. Thankfully we were able to get her right back in. Cara & Stacey have been so great to work with. I appreciate everything they have done for us. My parents even commented on how much they love KRK! They told me that every time they pick up my daughter, all the babies look happy and content. Again, I want to recognize KRK for their dedication to the kids as well as the parents. They are truly superior to every facility that is out there. I would highly recommend KRK to anyone who has the task of finding a “home away from home” for their children. Thank you for everything you do to make Kids R Kids Valrico terrific and for also making it easier on us to leave my daughter with such a caring staff. I know she is GREAT hands and it relieves the stress of leaving her. It is well worth the drive for me and my husband. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with the staff, owners, and teachers at Kids R Kids.
C. Stump - FL
My kids LOVE this school!
My children (4 and 16 mos) were enrolled at another local pre school. In recent months, i had noticed a significant change in behavior, most noticible in my 4 year old. He had become aggressive, disrespectful, and downright IMPOSSIBLE! I had met with his teachers, and they were labeling him a "problem" child. It was taking its toll on his self esteem. I am not a parent who believes my child is without fault...he is 4, and he is a boy!!! The methods they were using for behavior modification were not working and making the situation worse. I chalk it up to inexperience and lack of control and organization on their part. My 16 month old was in a room with much older toddlers and it was not age appropriate, or safe. After struggling with these issues for over 2 months, I decided to tour Kids R Kids in Valrico. I was astonished at the difference. The facility is amazing, and designed for its purpose. The children were all delightful, and despite being interrupted by us touring through their classrooms, they stayed on task. The toddler rooms are smartly designed, safe and inviting. My sons have been attending for almost 3 weeks now and I have seen a COMPLETE turn around. Especially in my 4 year old. He is excited about school everyday, and does NOT want to come home in the evening. My toddler no longer screams when I drop him off, or pick him up! The behavior problems we were experiencing are no longer an issue. This school has saved my sanity! I am very impressed with the HIGHLY qualified and trained staff. They understand kids and how to properly care for them.
Julie Lee - FL
Great school
My son entered the school at 7 weeks old. I was nervous at first, but Ms.Kim and her staff helped me transition into a routine. I loved the Watch Me Grow as I felt I was part of his early years. He is now 4 and I have tralelled through all the age groups. The Directors and owners are very accomodating and always available. The staff are very consistent and loving. Jake has learned so much and we have all had a great pre school experience. Thank You, Ben & Keith for providing us with such an awesome program.
J. Shannon - FL
Been with KRK since they day they opened their doors!
We have been with Kids `R` Kids in Valrico since they day they opened their doors in 2003. Our oldest son started when he was 15 months old and now he is almost 8 and loves the afterschool program! Our youngest also started at 15 months and just turned 4 and will be entering the VPK program next year. Ben and Keith have been wonderful to us over the years as have the directors, Cara and Stacey. It truly is a "Learning Academy."
Laurie Newman - FL
Thank You
Ben, We just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to drop off Lil Shae on Friday, 12/19/2008. We appreciate the flexibility. Especially since we are no longer living locally. We really like your school and miss it very much. we wish you guys were down here (in Miami). It gave us a peace of mind knowing that Lil Shae was under the care of KRK and we were able to focus on our demanding jobs. Thanks to the "see thru" walls in your school, I was always able to get a candid view of Shae playing and being happy befor he actually saw me. Even though we are happy with the new school in Miami, we feel your quality of care was much better. Thank You for giving Shae the head start on his development. Thank You again for your flexibility and welcoming us on such short notice. Shae, Monica & Lil Shae.
M.Devlin - FL
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