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Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School and How our After School Care Program Can Help

Posted on 08-27-2016 | Ben Fernandes

As the summer draws to a close, our thoughts turn towards the upcoming school year. Supply lists are out, Open House dates are on the calendar and school shopping is on the agenda. With so many things to think about, it can be easy to overlook some of the most important ways we can help our kiddos succeed in school. At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Valrico, we are super excited about this upcoming learning season and all of the fun that goes along with new faces, new experiences and new opportunities to grow. As we prepare to embark on the months ahead, we wanted to share a few simple things you can do to encourage your child’s success in the coming school year.

  1. Read to or with your child every night.
  2. Help your child with their homework every night.
  3. Do not talk negatively about your child’s teachers or about school.
  4. Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep and is ready for school each day.
  5. Teach your child to be responsible for their actions and their schoolwork.
  6. Stay involved and feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.
  7. Ask your child about school every day and encourage them to discuss the day.

We know that your child’s learning is a top priority, but it can sometimes feel as though there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that we want or need to do. That is where our Before and After School Care Programs can help. At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Valrico, our After School Care Program has many offerings, a few of which include:

  • Homework Help Club where we strive to relieve some of the stress homework may cause for your child and you, by getting the “work” out of the way so you can enjoy more quality time in the precious few hours you have in the evenings. Our teachers are available to provide assistance and promote a successful school year for each student, as we work together to foster a sense of support and encouragement.
  • Learning Zones where your child can experience a wide array of learning opportunities that feel more like play than work. These zones are all designed with a collective goal of increasing knowledge while allowing creative expression through arts, cooking, crafts, science and games.
  • The Media Center where your child will have access to the newest and most advanced games the educational media offers.
  • Early and late hours to serve parents with varying work shifts and schedules.

When your child participates in our Before and After School Care Programs, they gain the advantage of learning, disguised as fun, and you gain the gift of more time to spend enjoying one another without the pressure of completing homework or worrying about whether or not you have spent enough time on learning exercises. If you would like more information about our After School Care Program or any of our 

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