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Will Reading to Your Child Fast Track Their Reading Skills?

Posted on 10-22-2016 | Ben Fernandes

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Many of us enjoy the thought of reading stories at bedtime. Whether your child has one favorite book or there is an entre shelf that plays on repeat, that quiet time at the end of each day is a special treat. But, what many of us don’t realize is that a reading ritual may do far more than calm our children at the close of a busy day. When we read to our children from an early age, we are boosting their development and beginning the advance of their learning process. At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Valrico, we know the importance of practicing the skills our children need to perfect, and reading is one of the most important skills to practice. For this reason, we have learning stations dedicated to various literacy skill sets that make learning fun and effective for a large span of age groups.

Many experts agree that there are stages to reading development, but they are designated more by the order of steps, rather than an expected age of development. What this means is that, by introducing a child to books and reading at a very early age, we are giving them a significant head start in their learning process. Here are two examples of what experts have to say:

According noodle.com,

Before the age of three, there usually isn’t any explicit reading or writing instruction. However, it is helpful to expose children to books and texts to teach them early literacy concepts, such as which way a book goes, that you read top to bottom and left to right in English. (They do not need to know the words yet, but when they look at pictures on a page, they learn to look at the left one first.)

According to professionalpractice.org,

Learning to read is also a developmental process; all children do not begin to read at the same age. Children reach literacy milestones along the way. For example, children develop a basic oral vocabulary and understand the alphabetic principle before they begin to read. Although children may enter school at about the same chronological age, they are at various stages of reading development. A child's conceptual understanding of spoken words and his or her knowledge of print have an impact on his or her beginning literacy instruction.

… Children who come from literature-rich home environments where parents read and play word games with them on a daily basis will most likely be at a higher developmental stage of reading than a child who lives in a home environment that lacks books and reading experiences.

You don’t need an expansive home library to give your child a learning boost. Many times, a trip to the local library is an adventure on its own and having a couple of new books to peruse each week makes the learning process even more of a treat. However, even if you don’t visit the library as often as you would like, re-reading the books you have at home will stimulate the learning and developmental process enough to give your child the very best position at the starting line.

At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Valrico, we want learning to be fun, as well as effective, so we strive to provide the best curriculum and materials to foster the development of your child. Our programs include Daycare, Preschool, V-PK, Before and After School Care so we have offerings to meet all of your needs. If you are interested in getting more information or would like to schedule a tour, please contact one of our enrollment specialists today.

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